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Standard Features

  • 1,2,3 or 4 point dispense.
  • Two height options.
  • Through the bar or clamp on application.
  • Standard Illuminated oval pod. Other options available.
  • Supplied with drip tray.
  • Cold water recirc./ product lines within insulated loop with generous tails.
  • Standard Finishes – Chrome, Brushed or Brass (see Finishes link here).

Optional Extras

  • Alternative Finishes (See Finishes link here).
  • Standard Elegance dispense tap with polished stainless steel finish.
  • Standard Elegance  dispense tap with Gold Plated finish.
  • Standard Elegance dispense tap with polished stainless steel finish with handle only to match font
  • Handles (See Handles link here).

To see some of our brand enhanced Chameleon’s, please click here.

Wanting a Quote? Email us at info@porta.co.uk with details on how many dispense points you require, which height option, clamp on or through the bar, if you require different shaped pods to oval, font finish, if you require our standard elegance taps and if so do you require a special finish.


Branded beer font, Drink dispense, Beer tower

2 out Chameleon

3 out Chameleon

4 out Chameleon

S-Type-2 out Chameleon

S-Type-3 out Chameleon

S-Type-4 out Chameleon